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Slow Burn

District attorney Ford Cole is running for mayor and things are looking pretty good for him until his assistent DA Nora Timmer gets involved in a shooting. As he starts to investigate the matter, it quickly becomes clear to him that this isn’t just an isolated incident. The killing seems to be part of a bigger thing that’s linked to his war against a gang lord but with all the different angles he’s being presented, who can he trust and who’s telling the truth?

Sound and Vision:
Slow Burn has a couple of scenes that are pretty dark and lack some detail but overall the image is sharp and pretty good. We didn’t spot any compression errors but grain is mildly present.

The movie is 80% dialogue but the action that does take place is nicely supported by the 5.1 soundtrack so no complains here.


Slow Burn is like The Usual Suspects meets LA Confidential. Throughout the film there are tons of plot twists that try to put you on the wrong leg and in the meantime the atmosphere that’s being thrown at you is very similar of that of LA Confidential. Ray Liotta, LL Cool J and Jolene Blalock do their best but still, this mix doesn’t work. The script as well as the director seem to do this movie more damage than good. The constant flashbacks make the movie lose the little pace it has and the plot twists seem to come out of nowhere and don’t do any good to the believability of the story.

A nice try but not good enough which damns Slow Burn to be categorised as a decent Saturday night B-movie

Our Score:

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