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A small city somwhere in the USA gets itself terrorised by slugs that kill people. Of course, no-one knows at first and when the first corpses start to appear, people haven’t got a clue what could have caused the huge damage to the bodies. That’s until health inspector Mike Brady finds a giant slug in his backyard and gets it examined by some nerdy scientist. The slugs are – surprise surprise – mutated due to toxic waste which was dumped ages ago and are now full-grown flesh eaters. Brady informs the local authorities that a huge disaster is about to happen if they don’t act immediately, but he gets laughed away and seen for insane. Together with his friend Don Palmer, who runs the sewer system in the town, he must now face the evil slugs and act before it’s too late.

Sound and Vision:
A movie from 1988 can be expected to have poor quality but all things considerated it’s not as bas as I expected it to be. Yes, there’s plenty of grain present, the image is a bit too soft at times and more detail would have been welcome, but there’s little compression artefacts and the colors are pretty decent for such an old film.

The soundtrack is a whole different things. The synchronisation is way off and simple stereo doesn’t do it anymore these days. A reworked 2.0 track is definitely a minimum these days but it seems this DVD doesn’t care about technology.

Trailers of three other horror movies

The 80’s have brought us lots of entertaining horror movies such as Evil Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. Of course, next to those classics, there were literally thousands of B-movies in the horror genre which didn’t quite make such a good impression. Slugs is one of those. The ridiculous storyline, the cardboard characters, the “evil” slugs that have mutated due to toxic waste, … everything spills out “cliché” and “B-Movie” which in this case means that things are so bad that they turn funny. Don’t expect a really scary movie (slugs are scary ?) but on the other hand be prepared for all the gore that’s coming your way.

A perfect dvd to check out on a summer night together with loads of booze and some friends who wouldn’t mind some kind of B-movie festival-like experience (of course, then you’ll need more of this kind of trash movies)

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