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Smallville Season 4

A ton of things happen to Clark in the fourth season of Smallville including him getting married, joining the local football team, switching bodies with another guy and so on. Meanwhile, Lana appears to have a witch as an ancester and Lois Lane arrives in Smallville. More than enough for yet another filled season that’s very enjoyable to watch.

Sound and Vision:
In the US, Smallville is shown in High Def and it shows in the quality of this dvd. The widescreen image is extremely sharp, colors have a solid level of black and are shiny and bright, there’s almost no grain and compression errors aren’t present.

The 2.1 track does a very decent job and if you’ve got a good amplifier, you get additional ambiance from the surround speakers through the PrologicII decoder.

– A ton of audio commentary track
– Additional scenes
– Being Lois Lane: overview of all the different actresses that have played Lois Lane up to now and they all share their experiences
– Behind Closed Door – Inside The Writer’s Room: the producers talk about how they set up the concept of a season and how the writers follow-up on that in the different episodes.

Smallville is without a doubt the best Superman series up to now. The cast does an excellent job and the stories are interesting enough to entertain both young and old. Season 4 contains again some very good storylines and the addition of Lois Lane adds a bit to the overall familiarity.

The image and sound are very good for a TV show, and the added extras are definitely worth checking out. Definitely something fans don’t want to miss and also newcomers will like this dvd box although I always suggest to start a series with the first season 🙂

Our Score:

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