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Smallville Season 5

Clark is having a lot of problems again this fifth season. Not only have a couple of Kryptonians landed in Smallville with little good on their mind, his relations are causing problems as well. Chloe knows who he is, Lex tries to find the truth about him, he’s in love with Lana, and Chloe’s niece Lois Lane is also having an effect on him.

Sound and Vision:
It’s clear that Smallville is shown in HD-TV as the series has very high quality with hair sharp image, lots of detail and good shadow detail as well as contrast. There’s some minor grain present but nothing to worry about.

We get a decent 2.0 soundtrack that does its job very well but makes us wish even more for a full Dolby Digital 5.1 track.

– Audio commentary tracks with episodes “Thirst” and “Splinter”
– Additional scenes
– Vegeance Chronicles: Five videos that add an extra to the content in the series
– Smallville 100th Episode: The Making Of A Milestone: a feature on the preparations for shooting the 100th episode of the series with interviews with cast & crew as well as some info on the technical part. Good stuff that lasts for about half an hour
– Look Up In The Sky! The Amazing Story Of Superman: a couple of fragments on a documentary about Superman Returns
– A Super Hero Like No Other: compilation of all the Supermans from comics, movies and tv shows

This fifth season is a bit more grim than the previous ones and also has a lot of links towards known movies like The Grudge and The Six Million Dollar Man. All in all a very good season that shows a more “realistic” image and nicely follows up on the previous ones. Warner delivers good image & sound quality (although we would like to get a 5.1 soundtrack) and finishes with a couple of interesting extras. Everything you would want from a TV series!

Our Score:

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