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Smallville Season 6

Lex has been taken over by Zod and Superman has been sent to the Phantom Zone. However, Clark wouldn’t be Superman if he didn’t find a way out and get rid of Zod once he’s back on Earth. That doesn’t end his problems though, as Lana wants to get married with Lex (who’s back his usual self again) and Clark now also has a bunch of creatures from the Phantom Zone that are on earth after they managed to escape from that place together with Clark. Luckily, Superman isn’t on his own this season as The Green Arrow is there to save the day… more than once.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is decent just like with the previous seasons so no complaining there.

What I do want to complain about is the sound. At times, the direction will go off a bit and dialogues will be coming out of the rear speakers too much where they should be coming from right in front of you. Don’t know what happened as this isn’t something we noticed with the previous seasons. Hopefully Warner will correct this with season 7.

– Green Arrow: Legend of the Green Archer
– Smallville: Big Fans – a profile of dedicated Smallville fans
– Smallville Legends: The Oliver Queen Chronicles – Short mobisodes with computer animation
– The Making of Smallville Legends: The Oliver Queen Chronicles
– Smallville Legends: Justice and the last ordeal
– Short animated movies produced by DC Comics
– Deleted Scenes

All in all a pretty nice compilation of extras that actually are fun to check out for once.

Season 6 begins reasonably strong with Clark’s escape from the Phantom Zone, but quickly the episodes deteriorate with most of the attiontion going to Lana Lang and her feelings towards Clark and Lex. It isn’t up until the last disc that things really start going again. It’s really a shame that season 6 isn’t any better. And it isn’t that there weren’t enough things to do. The Phantom Zone creatures only pass by now and them, and Clark hooking up with some old friends is also something that could have been worked out more so that we would have gotten some more action.

Smallville always has had a problem that the makers tend to go too deep into the troubles between Clark and Lana but season 6 really goes over the top. At times you’ll even be wondering whether you’re watching Smallville or some new incarnation of The O.C.. Anyway, let’s hope season seven brings us some more joy and action.

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