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Smallville Season 7

In season 7 Clark Kent finds out he’s not the only survivor from: his niece Kara also survived and when the dam breaks down she awakens in her ship that’s been laying in the lake since the first meteor shower. After she’s saved Lex from death, he gets obsessed with her but that’s not the only problem Clark faces: Brainiac is still around and then there’s still BIZARRO, a perfect duplicate of himself…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is similar to that of previous seasons so nothing to complain about. Also the sound has improved compared to season six as it isn’t off anymore.

– Audio commentary tracks
– Deleted Scenes
– Short movie: Supergirl: The last daughter of Krypton
– Short movie: Jimmy On Jimmy
– Smallville Legends: Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton
– Smallville Visions

A pretty similar package that we always tend to get with Smallville seasons

Season 7 adds Supergirl (Kara) to the portfolio of Smallville characters but other than that we tend to get mostly the same ones that we know from before. Lex’ obsession with Kara and the twists surrounding the high & mighty that have been awaiting the arrival of “The Visitor” (including Lionel Luthor) are nice to watch and we even get some unexpected moves. It’s therefore no surprise that I found season 7 to bring a breath of fresh air to the series. Although there’s still some depressing Lana-stuff going on it’s clearly less important than before and we get more action than in some of the earlier seasons.

The addition of Kara is something I’m not sure about yet. There’s some potential present in the character but it doesn’t get unlocked yet. Hopefully we’ll see more interesting stuff happening with her in season 8.

Our Score:

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