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Smokin' Aces

Buddy “Aces” Israel is having a pretty bad time of his life. While he’s trying to make a deal with the FBI in order to get him and his crew into some witness protection program, the mobs boss he wants to testify against has put a bounty of one million dollars on his head. With the deal with the FBI not being closed yet, he’s got nothing else to do than sit in a casino suite, get drunk, get laid and get high and wait. Meanwhile, every bounty hunter and killer in the country is coming after him…

Sound and Vision:
What can we say? The movie is very stylized and the Blu-ray perfectly displays it as it should. Bright colors, plenty of detail in scene where necessary, contrast as the director wants it to be, … great stuff!

Equally stunning is the soundtrack which perfectly supports this guns blazing movie with full use of the surround speakers and subwoofer while at no time the dialogues suffer from this sound orgy.

– Deleted scenes
– Bloopers
– Cowboy Ending
– The setup
– The Big Weapon
– Shoot them down: stunts and effects
– Audio commentary

Pretty decent but not very surprising extras. The same stuff that was on the DVD

Smokin’ Aces didn’t do extremely well at the box office but it has managed to get quite some followers that like its chaotic storytelling (what story?), superficial characters and the overload of violence and guns blazing that add to a decent level of comedy.

The movie is a ballet of gunfire and should be seen as such. When I first watched this film, I was a bit disappointed, but with the second viewing now I can really appreciate the work Carnahan has done and I understand why people actually like Smokin’ Aces. Everything is done in an insane but exemplary way and eventhough we’ve seen it all before, it’s still fun to watch!

Smokin’ Aces may never become the cult hit other movies (Way of the Gun, Pulp Fiction, …) have become, but it’s close.

Our Score:

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