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Smokin' Aces

Buddy “Aces” Israel is having a pretty bad time of his life. While he’s trying to make a deal with the FBI in order to get him and his crew into some witness protection program, the mobs boss he wants to testify against has put a bounty of one million dollars on his head. With the deal with the FBI not being closed yet, he’s got nothing else to do than sit in a casino suite, get drunk, get laid and get high and wait. Meanwhile, every bounty hunter and killer in the country is coming after him…

Sound and Vision:
The picture is pretty stylised and shot very chaotic to give some extra dynamics to the movie. This works pretty well but does show that director Joe Carnahan (Narc) has been watching closely to Tony Scott and Danny Boyle. Compression errors are present but never really disturb and for the rest we get plenty of detail and overall good performance of the transfer.

The soundtrack puts you right in the middle of all the action with bullets flying around and especially the .50 shots are truly tremendous to hear. Great stuff!

– Deleted scenes
– Bloopers
– Cowboy Ending
– The setup
– The Big Weapon
– Shoot them down: stunts and effects
– Audio commentary

Pretty decent but not very surprising extras

Smokin’ Aces has a pretty thin storyline and a surprising but somewhat disappointing plot twist near the end. If we take that out of the picture, we’re left with a movie that goes to the next level on showing cowboy-like shootouts but unfortunately lacks originality. You’ll constantly feel like you’re watching a version of The Way of The Gun that’s directed by Tony Scott and has a storyline written by Danny Boyle and Guy Ritchie. Does that make Smokin’ Aces a bad film? No, not really, but it does make it feel like “been there, done that”.

The cast does a very decent job – and you wouldn’t expect otherwise with Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds, Andy Garcia and Ray Liotta – but in all honesty, there’s little acting to be done in this type of movie. It’s all about the action and Smokin’ Aces does well on that part. If only the storyline would have been a bit better and Carnahan would have done a bit more his best on bringing forth some originality, Smokin’ Aces might have become a classic.

For now, we’ll stay with saying it’s a pretty fun action movie.

Our Score:

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