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Snakehead Terror

Some years ago, snakeheads (flesh eating fish that can walk on land) were a plague in some small town and nothing could get them away so instead the whole lake was poisoned and that seems to have gotten rid of them all. Two years later, the little town that thrives on sports fishing is barely coping due to the setback in tourist income. When people are getting found dead near the lake, sheriff Patrick James (Boxleitner) teams up with biologist Lori Dale (Carol Alt) to find out what has killed them and within no-time it becomes clear that the snakeheads are back and bigger and more ferocious than ever as they’re mutated by human growth hormones. Despite the sheriff trying to seal off the lake, more and more tourists are coming in to catch a glimpse of these new snakeheads and some teenagers even have set their minds to going on a hunting party to avenge one of their killed friends.

Sound and Vision:
Well, the image and sound quality are decent but that’s about all there is to be said. Standard stuff without anything special.


Mutated fish that can walk on land. Really terrifying, especially seeing that the monsters appear to be extremely fast until the last scenes where they start an invasion on a mansion with the speed of turtles… The acting is terrible and not even Bruce Boxleitner (captain Sheridan from Babylon5) nor William B. Davis (Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files) manage to bring something interesting to the movie. Total crap that we usually talk about as “B-Movie” but here we can better use a letter at the end of the alfabet.

Our Score:

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