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SOCOM: US Navy Seals

Many people are convinced that SOCOM is a multiplayer-only game, but after a long time of thoroughly checking out the single player part I have to conclude that this game has more to it than one might think… way more…

You take on the role of a commander who’s head of a 4-people seal team. This elite group works a lot with radio commands, many will get an instant migraine by the thought of having to study the button combinations by heart for being able to play the game decently. Luckily for those gamers, there’s 2 versions on the market: one with and one without headphone. This headphone makes use of speech recognition by which you can make several commands just by saying a couple of core words. This greatly increases the fun and atmosphere and for only 10 euro you will be able to experience Socom on a totally different way… advisable !

Thank God that Socom has a great number of different and varying missions. You won’t have to cross a level unseen while taking down a couple of enemies. Nope, there’s more depth to this game than that due to the usage of primary and secundary objectives. The primary objectives are mandatory for succeeding a mission, but the secundary is to flatter your ego. If the player succeeds in both primary and secundary objective, he’ll receive a better endscore.

What bothered me the most during play is the fact that there are no checkpoints. This means that you either succeed your mission or you can start over from scratch. Just think about the fact that you’re right before finishing a level and due to a stupid concentration error you can start all over again. Very frustrating ! Socom is not a game for Rambo’s…

That the PS2 doesn’t have the most beautiful graphics is a known fact but socom manages to hide this damn well. Also the details are good; blood marks on the walls are equal to the way the shot character fell down, magnificent animations of diying people, … very atmospheric but not over the top, just the way we like it !

Also the sound is good, the combination of commands coming through your headphones and other sounds like birds, gunshots, etc coming out of your speakers give you a totally new gaming experience.

The only thing that could and should be improved on SOCOM is the opponent’s AI. It’s all too often that you’ll see him having a chat with one of his colleagues which you sent to the enternal battlefields in hell only a couple of minutes ago. In the beginning this is hilarious to see but after a while it drains a bit of the atmosphere… but as said, SOCOM has lots of online possibilities and since the phenomenon “patches” is also getting known on the console platform we’ll probably see one coming soon available for download to solve this problem. Whether patches on consoles is a good or bad thing is something for you to decide….

What makes SOCOM a must-have is the fact that both single and multiplayer are worth every euro you need to pay for it. What are you waiting for ? /me puts headphones on: “Team, Buy SOCOM Now !

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