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Soft Kill, The

Detective Jack Ramsey has a way with women. Right before he’s going to leave town, he spends the night with Kim Lewis, the wife of the local district attourney. When they hear someone at the door downstairs, they believe it to be Kim’s husband and Jack snoops out through the back door. The next morning Kim gets found, strangled. Jack doesn’t really care except for the fact that he’s one of the prime suspects. All he wants to is leave town but then Kim’s sister comes along and wants to hire him to find the killer. And then more people start to die…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality isn’t what it should be. The dirt on the film isn’t really disturbing, but the brightness is. Everything is way too dark, even on a sunny afternoon. It’s not meant that you need to alter your TV’s brightness each time you watch another DVD. For the rest things are acceptable but not outstanding. The image is too soft, but luckily the contrast is decent and we don’t get to see any edge enhancement.

The soundtrack in Dolby 2.0 is nothing more than the absolute minimum.


A Saturday night movie with a predictable story and acting that can be done better by my cat. Everything about this dvd just spells average and boring.

Our Score:

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