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Something's Gotta Give

Henry (Jack Nicholson) is 63 but still doesn’t find it a problem to go out with younger women. In fact, he’s never had a date with a girl that was older than 30. When he decides to spend the weekend with the young and beautiful Marin (Amanda Peet) in her mother’s beach house he expects to be alone with her, but unfortunately Marin’s mother Erica (Diane Keaton) and aunt also planned a little vacation trip so they’ll all have to spend their time together.

After dinner, Marin and Henry go to the bedroom, something Erica really doesn’t approve of. However, little later Marin calls for help as Henry appears to have suffered from a small heart-attack due to the excitement. In the hospital, the nice doctor Julian (Reeves) fixes Henry as good as possible but since he’s unable to travel, he’ll need to be looked after in the beach house. After everyone has left, Erica gets stuck with Henry. When Henry slowly but steadily starts to get feelings for Erica, he suddenly realises that doctor Julian is a competitor and that if he doesn’t act fast, he just might not get what he wants… something he isn’t used to.

Sound and Vision:
Both the image and sound quality are sufficient. There aren’t any major problems but don’t expect much either. The movie is – like 90% of all romantic comedies – dialogue-driven and doesn’t use a lot of special effect. Surround speakers are hardly used.

– Something Romantic about the Story: short interview fragments but not really interesting
– Commantary with writer/director Nancy Meyers and Diane Keaton
– Commantary with writer/director Nancy Meyers and Jack Nicholson
– Hamptons house set tour with Amande Peet: a tour around the house
– Delete scene where Harry sings karaoke to Erica
– Theatrical scene

If you like predictable movies it’s always hard to make a review without telling the plot. When watching this movie for 5 minutes you’ll know how it will end. Still some interesting plot changes have been added to the story to make it interesting and especially if you’re into romantic comedies. Due to the top cast, you shouldn’t leave this DVD laying around just like that. At least you’ll have to rent it as it’s definitely worth checking out on a rainy afternoon.

Our Score:

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