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Sonic Generations

Sonic finally has ended up on the cover of a decent platform game. And it’s been years ago if you ask us. Sonic Generations may not be a classic like the first games, but the combination of old skool 2D gameplay, modern technology and new gameplay elements worked well

The story the makers wrapped up reflects the fact that you get to play alone in a 2D world as well as in three dimensions. There are two Sonic characters with which you get to go look for all your friends who got lost by a bad guy. 16-bit Sonic and modern Sonic make a pact to set things straight, and that in the way they each love most.

This means of course that levels need to be finished in both retro as well as modern style. If you’re scared this results in a boring revisiting the second time, you can rest assured. There are enough differences, you have other possibilities, and the levels are created so tightly that you’ll have no problem having to go through them twice. The makers were inspired by older Sonic games but then added alternative options, exciting challenges and also implemented a constant stream of small surprises. Also the bosses are good this time and we’re very happy with that!

The various maps have to be finished extremely fast in 2D, you can collect rings and defeat or evade enemies. In the modern version of a level you get to see it in third person view and you have more recent Sonic abilities at your disposal like the Homing-attach. The devs did make things a bit confusing by sometimes switching to 2D also in the modern version. It may look great and deliver more variation, but it does require more concentration and eye-hand coordination.

Not in the least because despite the speed of the game – Sonic still easily beats Mario in a sprint – you’ll want to enjoy the detailed graphics. Also here fans will be happy as the locations are colorful, detailed, and the animations make for a great experience.

That alone would have been enough to make our respect meter go up, but those who want more will find plenty of well integrated extras on the disc. There are additional bosses that can be unlocked, and for doing that there are enjoyable mini-games. Think of races or getting certain scores. In other words: nicely integrated in the gameplay and the series so that they don’t become unnecessary crap.

In the end we can be quite short with this review. It’s a combination of the good old Sonic games and somewhat of the best interpretation of the modern Sonic. This brought to you with a fun story, beautiful graphics, enjoyable extras and tons of fun. An easy decision for those who like Sonic.

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