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Sopranos Season 4, The

Things aren’t going too great for Tony after 9/11. His waste disposal business is not making as much money anymore as it used to, Carmela is nagging at his head to get financial security and wants to invest in bonds and stocks, his sister is having an affair with Ralphie who’s got problems with Johnny Sack from New York and if that isn’t enough, even the Bada-Bing isn’t making any profit anymore ! Time to make some changes and get things going again but that isn’t easy when your fellow gangsters are more worried about Indians making a fuzz about Columbus Day.

Sound and Vision:
Dark scenes are sometimes a bit too dark and the intentional grain is present as ever in The Sopranos but for the rest the image quality is the best you’ll find for a TV series. Bright and vivid colors, great level of detail, sharp image and good contrast.

You’ll need to turn up the volume a bit as the 5.1 track is recorded a bit too silent but for the rest we can’t complain. The surround channels are subtle used and dialogues are crystal clear. A nicely balanced soundtrack that does wonders for this series.

The extras aren’t worth much. We get 4 audio commentary tracks, cast & crew info and the nominations the show has gotten over the years.

Season 4 of The Sopranos is good as ever and definitely worth checking out for anyone who’s interested in following the exploits of Tony Soprano and his family in the world of gangsters. Technically things are very good and the only downpoint we have is that the extras could definitely get an upgrade

Our Score:

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