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Sopranos Season 5, The

Things aren’t going to great in this season although it tends to start out pretty well with the release of Tony Sopranos nephew Tony (Buscemi) from jail. Tony himself isn’t coping too well with living apart from his wife Carmela and his son, Anthony Junior, doesn’t like it either and decides to make life a living hell for his parents. Although uncle Junior, still under house arrest, has found out that going to funerals gives him a way to leave his house, his mental health is going downhill. Meanwhile, Adriana’s health is under attack as well because of the stress she gets from having to work with the FBI.

Sound and Vision:
The image transfer is very good. The color balance differs from episode to episode depending on the mood and for artistic reasons, the contrast and level of detail are very impressive.

Although we get a 5.1 track, the emphasis is on the front speakers. A nice touch is the subwoofer that does an excellent job supporting the music score.

Audio commentary tracks with the following episodes :
– All Happy Families (director Rodrigo Garcia)
– Sentimental Education (director Peter Bogdanovich)
– In Camelot (Steve Buscemi)
– Cold Cut (director Mike Figgis)
– Long Term Parking (Drea de Matteo)

Looking for a great maffia TV series that can keep its head up against classic movies like Goodfellas and Casino? Well, The Sopranos is it! After 5 seasons, each episode still longs you to watch the next one and the storylines are again top notch. What’s there to say? After watching season 5, I got out and bought myself the first three seasons since I didn’t own those already and I suggest you do the same!

Our Score:

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