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Sopranos Season 6 – part 1, The

Things aren’t going too great in the New Jersey mob scene. Johny Sacks is awaiting his trial, Anthony Soprano gets shot by his uncle Junior and ends up in a coma, Vito is found to be gay and has to run for his life, Paulie finds out he’s got cancer and that his mother isn’t his mother, Sal can’t handle the stress and gets a huge astma attack making him end up in the hospital next to Tony, and if that isn’t enough, Tony’s son AJ drops out of school and starts a relationship with a black girl who already has a son. Yep, hard times in Soprano-land!

Sound and Vision:
The image is reasonable but does suffer from color bleeding and aliasing. Quite strange seeing that there are only three episodes on a disc

The soundtrack is good as always with clear dialogues and a couple of nice effects when cars pass by and such. Only minor thing is that I had the idea that the sound is recorded in a lower volume than usual (or my hearing is getting bad ;p)

We get four audio commentary tracks.

Warner decided to split up Season 6 into two boxes. We’re seeing this happen more and more and my guess is that it’s done because prices of DVD’s are going down and publishers want to have the possibility to cash in some extra money. Instead of selling one box for 100 euros (which is getting harder and harder to do these days), we now get 2 boxes for +/- 60 euros a piece. I’m not in favor of this way of working as you don’t only pay more in total, but also because halfway a season you have to stop and wait for the rest of the season to become available which is quite annoying, especially with a top series like The Sopranos. Anyway, Season Six starts of with a bang and although the first couple of episodes aren’t packed with action, they do again give some good tension with all the gangsters looking at what’s to come with Tony in the hospital and afterwards with him regaining his leadership.

A top series from HBO and I can’t wait for part 2.

Our Score:

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