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Sopranos Season 6 – Part 2, The

In this second and last part of season 2 of the Sopranos, we Tony still having problems on all fronts. He’s having problems getting along with the mobsters in New York, he’s starting to become paranoid concerning the guys in his crew and Christopher Moltisanti in specific, and to make things worse he’s on a losing streak with his gambling which results him in getting deeper and deeper in debt with his friends.

To make things even worse, his son is depressed after breaking up with his girlfriend, Carm doesn’t really know what to do with this, and even his shrink decides to abandon him.

Sound and Vision:
The DVD has excellent image quality without compression errors and nothing to complain about. There’s plenty of detail present, sharp image and good contrast. Just as you want it.

The sound does its job nicely, little more to say about it.

A feature about Christopher Moltisanti’s horror flic Cleaver, another one about the music and last and certainly least a bunch of boring audio commentary tracks.

This dvd is the second part of the last season and therefore sees the end of one of the best mafia tv shows ever. The first episodes of this part don’t have a lot of action but you do feel a constant pressure building up, waiting to explode, and you won’t be disappointed. Towards the end things really heat up with even a full blown mob war going on. Therefore it’s all the more sad that the final episode has such a weak ending. Or should I say ending? In fact, there’s little ending present but I won’t go into more detail as I don’t want to spoil things too much.

Anyway, we’ve enjoyed The Sopranos and lot and will certainly miss Tony, Carm, Christopher, Paulie and the rest of the gang. Let’s hope something equally good comes along to replace this series.

Our Score:

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