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Sorority Row

Jessica, Claire, Chugs, Cassidy, Ellie and Megan are all part of the Theta-Pi sorority and want to get back at Megan’s boyfriend Garrett who’s cheated on her. They have Megan fake an overdose but when they go to an old quarry to “get rid of the body”, Garrett stumps a tire iron in Megan’s chest to get all air out of her lungs so that she wouldn’t come floating to the surface. This effectively kills Megan but instead of calling the cops and explaining what happened, the girls and Garrett decide to dump the body, follow the sorority’s motto of “Trust, Respect, Honor, Secrecy, and Solidarity” and tell no-one about what happened.

Several months later, it’s time for the final graduation party but someone seems to know what has happened and has decided that before the night is over: all those that know about it will suffer the consequences.

Sound and Vision:
The image doesn’t display any huge technical issues on this Blu-ray. However, the level of details tends to differ at times with for instance sometimes giving hair-sharp closups while other scenes are a bit on the soft side. The colors start off being quite bright and shiny but towards the end they tone down to a gritty image that perfectly fits the darkening atmosphere.

The DTS-HD soundtrack does a fine job with good use of the subwoofer for the party scenes and a high level of detail in scenes where the surround speakers get more action with placing items. Dialogues are always crystal clear and overall we can only say that this is a very good track that perfectly suits the movie.

– Killer 101
– Kill Switch
– Sorority Row: Stories from the Set
– Deleted Scenes
– Outtakes & Bloopers
– Shower Rehearsal
– Trailers

A couple of nice extras for the fans which show that the makers knew that they weren’t breaking any ground and playing exactly by the book.

Sorority Row is a remake of 1983s slasher movie “The House on Sorority Row” and follows every cliché in the book when it comes to slasher films. Teenagers make a mistake but keep quiet about it and months later it hits them in the face when they get killed off one by one by some unknown killer with a special weapon. Yup, been there, done that. It’s “Scream” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer” all over again.

Still, Sorority Row doesn’t do it all too bad. It’s not great, but we’ve seen worse. The biggest issue we have with the movie is that it plays it safe too much. The deaths are a bit too lame and the killer doesn’t bode enough danger to be truly memorable.

If you have to choose between Forget me not (which we reviewed earlier) and Sorority Row, we would choose the latter.

Our Score:

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