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Sound of Thunder, A

2055, Time Safari is the only hi-tech company that has the technology to travel back in time. Instead of doing something useful with it, Charles Hatton (Kingsley) uses it to let rich people pay for a safari in which they can shoot a dinosaur. One day, however, something goes wrong and history gets changed. Dr. Travis Ryer (Burns) who always leads the “safari’s” quickly notices that something is wrong and together with Sonia Rand (McCormack) who created the computer that makes time travel possible he has to get back in time before the present gets altered in such a way that human life gets extinct.

Sound and Vision:
Although the technical quality of the image is quite reasonable (we do have major questions with the fact that the original 2.35:1 aspect ratio has been changed towards 1.78:1), one can pose questions with the computer-generated surroundings. Everything looks so cut&paste in the digitally created scenes that it looks awful. Nothing bad about the work from Dutch Filmworks though, this can completely be blamed on the creators of the movie.

The soundtrack is quite impressive with a lot of bass and effects coming out of the surround speakers. The front center speaker also does its job perfectly for the dialogues.

– Behind The Scenes
– Trailers
– Film Clips
– Foto Gallery
– Interviews
– Featurette: The World of Dinosaurs -> nowhere to be seen (or is it the trailers for Dinosaur Planet?)

The basic idea behind “A Sound of Thunder” may be quite decent but the finishing certainly isn’t. There are holes in the script as big as a T-Rex, the acting is mediocre and the computer generated art looks like.. computer generated art. The movie never manages to give you any feeling of belief and certain inconsistencies are so ridiculous that you almost get the urge to throw away your remote.

DFW does a decent job on the technical side as they’ve been doing so lately, but the extras are worth very little. And that’s just to not say they suck. But on the other hand: after watching the movie, there’s little urge to watch any extras. Nice steelbook packaging though…

Our Score:

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