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Southland Tales

Southland, Los Angeles, 2008. Three years ago the war on terror has resulted in a nuclear strike on Texas and a big memorial party is being prepared. Since the strike, the US have become a police state governed by the Republican “think tank” USIDent and the Urban Pacification Unit police who make sure that all behaviour that doesn’t fit their idea is immediately smuthered.

Chaos, panic, paranoia and violence are omnipresent and are increasingly opposed. To make things worse, the US foreign policy is leading towards the thirld world war and the Middle-East has cut off the US from oil, making the government look for alternate sources of energy which they’ve found in the sea. However, this results in the Earth axis slowing down, making tears in the space-time continuum which starts to make all kinds of strange things happening.

We follow three people in the midst of all this. Boxer Santaros who’s suffering from amnesia, porn actress Krysta Snow who’s working on her own television show, and Roland Taverner a cop who’s identity has been split in two and is now looking for his “other” half.

Sound and Vision:
Sharp images, plenty of detail, natural skin colors, no dirt or scratches, no edge enhancement, good contrast, … the image quality of Southland Tales is as good as the movie is bad.

The subwoofer only gets mildly used but that can’t be said from the surround speakers who get plenty of action with effects and music. This DTS-HD track is really a nice piece of work.


Donnie Darko was Richard Kelly’s previous project as director and although it was a weird movie, people could appreciate it a lot and therefore Kelly was given quite a lot of freedom when making Southland Tales which was preceded by graphic novels also created by Kelly. Unfortunately, it seems Kelly created Southland Tales as an entire experience and people who didn’t check out the novels will have no idea what this movie is all about. Just like me as I didn’t check out the novels myself either. The movie is chaotic and plain boring except for the start and ending and clearly can’t stand its ground alone.

The image and sound are good but extras that might give some background info to make people understand what’s going on in the movie are also missing. Therefore we suggest people to stay away from this one

Our Score:

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