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Soylent Green

The year is 2022 and the earth is a piece of junk. Nature has been destroyed, cities are over-populated, food and clothing are scarse while dirt is all around, just like smog. In this surrounding, detective Robert Thorn has to investigate the murder on William Simonson, a very powerful and influential man who worked for the Soylent Company which produces all kinds of artificial food.

Thorn’s friend and co-investigator, Sol, meanwhile starts checking out the police archives to take a look at the background of Simonson and when he goes to the Main Central library, he comes to an astonishing discovery. Meanwhile, Thorn realises that he’s being followed and that some people are doing the best they can to get him to lay down on the case.

Sound and Vision:
Soylent Green is from 1973 and for a movie of that age you can’t expect top quality. Still, besides quite some dirt on the film, one cannot complain. The colors are pale but seem to have been enhanced compared with the original while the contrast and brightness are good. Also the image is pretty sharp for a movie of this age.

The soundtrack is in stereo but that’s about all one can say about it.

A look at the world of Soylent Green starts off with a brief checkup on sci-fi movies that gave an idea on how the world would look like in the future (mind you that this is concerning movies from the 70’s) to change towards a “Making Of” documentary which was actually filmed during the original production which is extraordinary since in that time this was hardly common. Very good. Next up is some footage from the party that was held during production to celebrate Edward G. Robinson for whom Soylent Green was the 101st movie he played in. Of course, the director’s commentary track and theatrical trailer can’t be left out. Overall, there aren’t many extras but they sure are exclusive

Soylent Green is a classic sci-fi movie with a not-so-bright picture of our future. The acting, storyline and atmosphere of this movie are so great that even in this time of age, it’s still actual (although the looks are a bit outdated – Asteroids was considered a futuristic game in the 70’s f.i.). Together with a few very interesting and exclusive extras, this DVD is definitely worth checking out

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