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Space Invaders Anniversary

I am one of the people that longs back to the cosy and secure days as I was fortunate enough to experience in the eighties. Living alone with my mother and grandmother in a quiet and peaceful village I got whatever I wanted when I wanted it. Those were the days my friend, I thought they would never end but unfortunately they did. Moving to a small house in a busy street with all the luxury gone I realised, now more than ever, how good a life I had lived.

Space Invaders, although already released in 1978, became only vastly spread in my region around the mid-eighties. With this anniversary edition I thought I could reinstall that magical atmosphere I had cherished for so long. Too bad it didn’t work. On the contrary, it made my memories look stupid. I did learn one important lesson though: be happy that you had the opportunity to make good memories and in stead of longing back to them, just enjoy them within you. It is not easy but once you learn to do that, you will definitely feel more deeply satisfied.

Nevertheless, Space Invaders is cool and for those of you who like retro-gaming but do not own old consoles Taito made it easy and cheap. This disc includes some nice multiplayer modes, a 3D versions and all of the original Space Invader releases. Although this will be music to the ears of early and hardcore adepts, I suppose it will be slightly disappointing for the newer generation because these modes hardly differ from one another, certainly not in gameplay. Even I was disappointed because in all the years that have passed, a lot of different versions have been made (from amateurish to professional editions) and there is not a single one added to this disc. They could have easily collected a hundred variations without having to pay a huge amount in licenses.

Luckily it includes a tremendously exciting and well figured out versus mode. Two players taking each other on while still facing an artificial enemy. This is not a stupid Tetris multiplayer where you can play simultaneously but the objective remains the same: try to get a score as high as possible. No, instead you will still have to eliminate your opponent but as he is on the other side of the invading army you will first have to eliminate your part of little monsters. Don’t just blast them all away however because they stop incoming bullets. You will constantly have to find a perfect balance, evade incoming attacks, try to eliminate your opponent and keep the army at a distance. Heart beating!

Those of you with programming skills may already have created their own Space Invaders and perhaps made some interesting adaptations. Don’t think it was all that simple back then because today we have all the third level programming languages, supreme hardware and a lot of know-how. Back in the old days everything still had to be invented and realised. It took over 3 years to make the first version of Space Invaders (about the time of a good game nowadays) and it caused a shockwave throughout the world. So, you may not be so fond of old games, but you ought to respect them as they were the examples for our modern equivalents.

This reincarnation is fairly cheap and offers good multiplayer features that will pump adrenaline into yours and your opponent’s veins like never before. For the younger generation it will be harder to enjoy I think because they grew up with complicated 3D games and cannot enjoy the simplicity. If you do, I think you will surely have a great deal of fun but don’t expect it to be as before. Space Invaders has lost some of its former glory but that applies to all good oldies. If you like uncomplicated and old-fashioned games that simply got something catchy, you are bound to play an oldie because they don’t make them as they did before. Besides, I still like rock and roll and Hitchcock and their time of glory lies years before that of Space Invaders. Fashion of some decades ago also resurface regularly so don’t feel stupid playing silly, old games on you ps2, BillieTurf said it is alright.

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