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Space Jam SE

Moron Mountain amusement park is having great difficulties as the amount of visitors is practically zero and to lift things up the owner needs a great attraction; His eye falls on Bugs Bunny and within minutes he’s found a plan to kidnap the looney tunes from their planet and have them working for him. He sends out some of his clumsy helpers but before they know it, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck manage to convince them they can’t just do that and only if they can beat the tunes in a sport they’ve chosen, the tunes will come with them to Moron Mountain. Since the alien helpers are rather small, Bugs chooses basketball but they go watch a game and steal the talent of some of the greatest players in the NBA, becoming gigantic Monstars. Bugs and Daffy definitely need some help and go to Michael Jordan who has recently laid off his basketball career and isn’t really interested. But that’s before he got to know Bugs Bunny…

Sound and Vision:
Detail and sharpness could definitely have been better. The first disc is exactly the same as in the original Warner release while you would expect they would go through some more trouble to prepare a special edition. Compression errors are also present and judging by today’s standards we can’t say this is a great transfer.

The soundtrack is a bit less dated and sounds warm and spacial. Dialogues are nicely positioned at the center speaker while effects and music are spread over the other channels aswell as the subwoofer.

Disc 1: cast & production info on some static screens
Disc 2 :
Jammin’ with Bugs Bunny & Michael Jordan: “Making of” with info on the production of the movie.
Bugs Vs. Daffy: Bugs and Daffy show their favorite music from the classic cartoons for about 20 minutes.
Videoclips: Seal (Fly like an Eagle) and the Monstars Theme Hit Em High.
Trailer: “Looney Tunes: Back in Action”

A funny movie for everyone who likes Looney Tunes. If you already have the original release, don’t bother getting this one as the first disc is exactly the same as what you already have and the second disk has little extras with added value (although the making of is interesting, 20 minutes is a bit little)

Our Score:

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