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A high ranking US government official’s daughter has gone missing and everything is done to find her. Even CIA agent Scott (Kilmer) is sent out together with his new partner to find her but while Scott is looking into a trace which leads towards white slaveryin the Middle-East, her body is found and she apparantly drowned while being on a yacht trip with her teacher. However, Scott’s partner finds out that the drowned girl is in fact not the daughter and when he gets killed, Scott decides to continue his trace towards the Middle-East. But not everyone seems to want her to be found…

Sound and Vision:
When it comes to the technical side of things, this disc is a decent job from Dutch Filmworks. The level of detail is good and the overall image is sharp. The movie also has a good depth for black which is omnipresent during night scenes.

The soundtrack is a decent one for an action movie like this but doesn’t really excel. Standard 5.1 track that does its job as it should.


On the technical side things are pretty much ok and we’re used of Dutch Filmworks not to supply many extras with their dvd’s. The movie itself is a lot less. Character depth is not present, one gets thrown into the movie without much introduction, and things just move along without anything of a real story developing except for the “conspiracy theory”. All in all a pretty standard movie with Val Kilmer who apparantly needed some extra cash.

Our Score:

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