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Species 4: The Awakening

Miranda is a teacher with a great future ahead of herself. She’s been asked to go to Oxford to teach but she’s still in doubt as she doesn’t want to leave her uncle Tom all alone. Her future quickly turns around, however, when one day she wakes up and finds a massacre around her. Tom then tells her that they have to go to Mexico to find his colleague Forbes to cure her and that’s she’s not really his niece. In fact, she’s created in an experiment with alien DNA and that dna is taking her over…

Sound and Vision:
Well, if there’s one thing good to be said about this dvd then it is that on a technical point of view the image and sound are decent.


The original Species was quite an enjoyable movie. Part 2 was a lot less and I even skipped the third film, to now check out this newest sequel. Boy, did I make a mistake!

Species 4 has a plot that could be used to make a decent movie, but that’s not the case here. The acting is quite poor, the action is boring and tension is far to be found. There’s really no reason to check out this one as you’ll just sit on your chair and fall asleep. The good thing about this dvd is that there are no extras that can bore you even more!

Our Score:

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