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Speed Racer

Ever since he was a little boy, Speed Racer had only one thing he was interested in: racing! For years he’s been working hard with his family on getting better at racing and he’s currently one of the top talents. After having won his latest race, he gets contacted by Mr. Royalton who runs a huge business and wants to sponsor Speed and give him a luxury life. However, knowing that his dad, who’s an independent racing car maker, wouldn’t want Speed to go with a big sponsor who he mistrusts, he declines the offer. Royalton is all but happy about this and tells Speed that racing is a scam and that the victories of racers are always fixed in advance and as proof he’ll make sure that Speed doesn’t manage to qualify for the Grand Prix.

When Royalton indeed manages to make sure Speed doesn’t qualify, Speed gets desillusioned and thinks even about quitting. However, then he gets contacted by Inspector Detector and the infamous Racer X who are investigating Royalton. They believe Royalton can be taken down and need Speed’s help to make sure Japanese racer Taejo Togokhan gets qualified for the Grand Prix so that Taejo can save his father’s business and deliver them documents that proove Royalton’s corruption.

Sound and Vision:
Speed Racer is a combination of real movie with a ton of special effects that make some scenes look like a pumped up version of TRON. The images look amazing and if you want to show off your brand new flatscreen this blu-ray is certainly the one to show. Colors are extremely bright and pop out of your screen while there are no hidious compression errors to be seen anywhere. Magnificent!

As good as the image quality is, so disappointing is the sound. I’m not saying it’s bad, but the standard DD5.1 track clearly lacks punch and a HD-track (either Dolby or DTS) would have easily done a much better job.

– Speed Racer: Ramping Up
– Spritle in the Big League
– Speed Racer: Supercharged
– Speed Racer: Car-Fu Cinema

A couple nice extras that include a behind the scenes and some features on the technology to make the movie. “Supercharged” was my favorite extra as it continues in the line of the movie, being somewhat of a commercial on the actual drivers and their cars. Nice!

Speed Racer may have a rather silly storyline without too much depth but the Wachowski brothers have managed to make it rise above average without too many problems. What it lacks in depth it makes up with comedy, action and certainly special effects. It’s a rollercoaster gone mad! The acting is exactly as you expect from this type of film (a bit over the top a la Spy Kids) and perfectly fits. If you’re looking for top family entertainment or a blu-ray to show off with, Speed Racer is what you need to get!

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