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Spider-Man 3

Things look like they couldn’t get any better for Peter Parker. He’s together with his big love Mary-Jane Watson who is aware of his secret identity, and Peter Parker is immensely loved by the people from the city of New York. Only minor downpoint is his relationship with Harry Osborn, who didn’t really get over the death of his dad and wants to get revenge on Spider-Man.

However, things couldn’t go more wrong at this point. Mary-Jane’s career on Broadway is given a short life and Peter finds out that the guy who was suspected of killing his uncle Ben didn’t do it but instead it was the Sandman that was responsible. In the meantime, an alien being arrived on Earth that hooks itself up to Peter with some very strange changes in Peter’s behaviour as a result.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality nears perfection but we did spot a compression error or two. Nothing too ugly but a recent release shouldn’t have any in my opinion. Guess Sony wants to sell some Blu-ray Discs… For the rest nothing bad to be said: great colors, good contrast and plenty of detail.

The sound is even more impressive. It’s only rarely that you get to hear such an active Dolby Digital 5.1 track which makes you wonder what the experience would have been like when Sony would have included a DTS track. The dialogues tend to get a bit overwhelmed by the surround sounds, but you’ll happily forgive that.

Two audio commentary tracks and some trailers is all that’s available on the 1-disc version. Pretty thin.

Spider-Man 3 is the end of the trilogy and what an end! Again we get to see several storylines from the comics combined and although die-hard fans might spot some flaws, you can’t expect a movie to be 100% accurate compared to years of comic books. Only downpoint for me was that Venom towards the end looked more like a badly created puppet than a vicious killer. Still, the action really flies off your screen and also the other usual Spider-Man elements like some comedy and drama are also present. An almost perfect ending for this trilogy and certainly a dvd to check out!

Our Score:

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