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Spider-Man: The Movie

We all know the story how Peter Parker got bitten by a radioactive spider and how that event gave him superpowers.

Before you start Spider-Man:The Movie, you can follow a training course to get the feeling of how you have to handle your character but once you’ve done that, it’s time to go for the real game.

Peter’s Uncle Ben gets murdered by a hoodlum and it’s your job to find and him and bring him to justice. Of course it’s not just a chase like in the movie but during your search you’ll have to do some battling with a bunch of other creeps.

During your progress you’ll notice that the game pretty much follows the screenplay of the Spider-man movie and that’s good because it’s about the only thing that’s original in this game. Those that have played the Playstation Spider-Man game that was released in 2000 will know what I’m talking about.

Of course, the story doesn’t completely follow the movie as next to the Green Goblin you’ll also meet several other super villains from the Spider-Man Universe (also like in the old Playstation game) but the Green Goblin is as expected your final boss to win from.

To make sure you can win, you can find powerups throughout the game, unlocking different combo-attacks which will help you defeat your adversaries and with all the powers you’ve got and the possibilities with your web fluid it shouldn’t be a real problem.

The graphics are pretty good with nicely detailed characters and surroundings. The same goes for the sound which is up to par with current standards but nothing really special though.

The only real problem in this game is the camera viewpoints. They tend to go around your character like they have a mind of their own (although you can center the camera by pressing a button) and especially in a fight that’s extremely annoying.

So, has Spider-Man finally gotten a game that deserves his name and fame ? It’s easy to say yes, but I tend to disagree.

Although it must be very hard for a developer to make a control system for a character that’s so diverse, Spider-man’s controls are not really intuitive and the camera that keeps flying around in every way except the one you want is not really helping to make it easier.

Overall, Spider-Man is a nice arcade-like game where you can swirl from building to building with your web, battling some bad guys in between, but it could have been alot more.

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