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When Peter Parker, highschool’s nerd par excellence, goes on a schooltrip to a laboratory, he gets bitten by a genetically altered spider. When he comes home, he goes to bed, not feeling too well.

The next morning when he wakes up, he feels better than ever and once at school he starts to notice strange things; he knows when danger awaits him, stuff sticks to his hands and some kind of web shoots out of his wrist. After some experimenting with his new-found powers, he goes to a wrestling ring to win some money which he can use to buy a car and impress the girl next door, Mary-Jane, for who he’s got a terrible crush.

After winning his match, the owner of the ring however doesn’t want to give him the promised 3000$. When the same manager gets robbed only seconds after Peter leaves his office, Peter lets the robber go although he could have stopped him easily. When leaving the building, Peter notices something has happened and when he comes closer, he notices that his uncle Ben has been shot by a gangster. Filled with fury, Peter sets in pursuit, but once he captures the man who killed his uncle, he notices that it’s the same guy he let go at the wrestling manager’s office. When he returns home and tells his aunt the terrible news, he makes the decision to follow the last advice his uncle Ben gave him (With great powers comes great responsability) and use his powers to do good, meaning capturing criminals and helping people wherever he can.

Meanwhile, Norman Osborn – the father of Peter’s best friend – has done some experiments on himself and has gotten superhuman powers aswell. Unfortunately for Norman, the formula he used for getting these powers had flaws and turns him into a schizophrenic psychopath by the name of “The Green Goblin”. When the path of these two people cross, only one can come out alive.

Sound and Vision:
The image transfer from the original movie to dvd is almost perfect. Except for some very small cases of edge enhancement and some light shaking of the image (you’ll notice only if you’re really looking for it) there’s nothing “bad” to be said about this what so ever.

Same – or should I say “even better” – goes for the soundtrack which is absolutely superb. A lot of use of the surround channels, loads of effects and crystal clear dialogues make this DVD a superb one to show off your Dolby Digital 5.1 installation.

The collector’s edition comes with 2 discs and you all know what that means: loads of extra’s.

The first disc which contains the movie has an audio commentary track with the makers Sam Raimi (director), Grant Curtis (co-producer), Kirsten Dunst (Mary-Jane), Laura Ziskin (producer) and a second one with the special effects crew. Next to that we get “Spider Sense” (extra info on a certain scene while watching the movie), “Weavind the Web” (pop-up’s with extra info), filmographies, trailers and music video’s.

The second disk is split into two parts, one about the film (Goblin’s Lair) and one about the comic (Spiderman’s Web).

The Comic part contains a documentary about the history of the super-hero including interviews with Stan Lee (original co-creator), Todd McFarlane, John Romita and his son, and about anyone who has ever worked on the spiderman comics. Next to that there’s an archive which has about all the covers ever created, a special art gallery, a gallery with all bad guy’s in Spidey’s universe and finally the loves of Peter Parker. All with loads of information on each character of course.

Goblins Lair starts off with a pretty big HBO feature “Making Of” documentary which shows how Spiderman went from comic to movie including interviews with cast and crew.

The second documentary is from E Online and has some other interesting info although you’ll have to stand going through stupid poll results and several minutes of stuff that appears also in the HBO feature. Next to that we get a shorter documentary on director Sam Raimi (hardly any info on his previous work though) and another one on composer Danny Elfman. Last we get screen tests and goof-up’s along with some DVDrom features.

Although the hardcore spidey-fans will certainly notice that the storyline doesn’t completely follow the original comic book story, Spider-Man is still a pretty good transfer from comic to film. The DVD overloads us with interesting extra’s and seeing the image and sound quality just makes you want to use it to show off. A must-have.

Oh yea, a sequel will most definitely be made

Our Score:

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