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Spirit, The

Former cop Denny Colt rises from the dead in order to return to the city he loves and fight crime. As his alter ego, The Spirit, he can do things regular cops can’t and with his ability to heal almost instantly from any wound, he’s a fierce force to reckon with. He’s not the only one who has this ability though. His arch enemy, The Octopus, for some reason can heal almost instantly as well and when it becomes clear that Octopus is up to something big, a final battle between the two seems unavoidable.

Sound and Vision:
The Spirit is much like a cartoon. We get to see a lot of black, white and red with here and there some actual movie footage. A bit like Sin City but not as good. Technically we didn’t spot any problems.

The sound does a terrific job with good use of the surround speakers from plenty of effects and music while also the subwoofer gets its piece of action.

– Audio commentary track by Frank Miller and producer Deborah Del Prete
– History Repeats
– Miller on Miller
– Green World
– Alternative Ending
– Trailers

A pretty standard batch of extras that you might want to check out once if you liked the movie (which is not probable)

The Spirit is directed by Frank Miller who we know very well from Sin City. Unfortunately for us, that other director for Sin City, Robert Rodriguez, isn’t present and the result is clear: awful. While Sin City’s special style was excellent for the movie, The Spirit looks like a bad cartoon. The acting is completely over the top, the dark atmosphere is something Frank Miller completely fails to recreate and what we’re left with is bad jokes, over-the-top acting that doesn’t work and a movie that’s definitely not worth checking out.

There are better superhero movies out there and there’s really no reason to not let The Spirit go to hell.

Our Score:

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