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Spy Kids 2

The Spy Kids are back and are having a bad time. They’ve gotten themselves competition in the form of Gerti and Gary Giggles who seem to always have the latest technology and tend to take the credit for our loved ones’ work. Things get even more worse when the “transmooker device” gets stolen and Juni gets fired from the OSS. That’s of course without counting his sister who re-enlists him by breaking into the OSS computer and assigns them on the latest case to retrieve this Transmooker. They go to an island where apparantly all electronical devices get shut down by some kind of mega-transmooker. But not everyone in the OSS wants them to find the transmooker back…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is good with bright and shiny colors, decent sharpness, hardly any disturbing compression artefacts and no edge enhancement. Also the level of detail and darkness are well-done.

The soundtrack is a little silent and the effects don’t come out as they should unless you turn up the volume of your dolby system. The surround channels are subtle used without too much punch and we would have hoped for some more

Some trailers of other movies. Nothing else

The Spy Kids are back and your kids will probably love it. Adults however will notice that the storyline (which was still somewhat present in the first movie) has been completely ditched and all money for screen writers has gone into special effects which hardly come out of your speakers at home. Still, as said: your kids will probably love it.

btw: don’t get fooled if you see a “2 movies 1 DVD” sticker on the box, there’s only 1 movie on the disc and RCV seems to think putting a dubbed version on the same disk is like putting a second movie there

Our Score:

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