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Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock (SE)

After having defeated Khan and brought life to the Genesis planet in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, Admiral Kirk and the Enterprise return home but not without sorrow. Spock has given his life to save the rest of the Enterprise crew and after his body has been sent off into space, Dr. McCoy seems to have become insane. Once home, Spock’s father Sarek, informs Kirk about Spock’s life essence, Katra, which still lives and after some investigation they find out that Spock has transferred it into the brain of Dr.McCoy which explains why the good doctor is going insane: his brain holds 2 entities now and they have to retrieve Spock’s body and bring it back to Vulcan where they can perform a ritual which will liberate McCoy and bring him back to his old self again. As Kirk’s superiors deny him permission to return to Genesis, Kirk and his main crew steal the Enterprise and return to Genesis. However, once there they discover that the Klingons are also very interested in Genesis and want to steal it for use as a weapon.

Sound and Vision:
Star Trek III: The Seach for Spock was filmed in 1984 and this special edition has pretty good quality for a movie which is almost 20 years old. Of course some grain and minor edge enhancement can be seen and also from time to time the image isn’t as sharp as it should be, but nothing is really disturbing.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack does its work with nice spreading of the surround channels although from time to time I got the feeling that more effects could have been used. Also, the sound quality of the movie intro seems to be a tidbit less than the rest.

The extras is where this special edition really shines. Paramount has opened all registers to provide us with the most interesting stuff they could deliver us it seems.
On the first DVD we get audio commentaries with Leonard Nimoy (director), Harve Bennett (writer & producer), Charles Correll (photography) and Robin Curtis (Lt. Saavik).

The second disk is where things really get interesting. We start off with Captain’s Log where Leonard Nimoy tells us a hundred and one tales about how he became the director of the film and how the rest of the crew (Shatner in particular) reacted to that. Shatner and Nimoy also give their own vision on how the movie was made and which difficulties they encountered and their seperate views are really entertaining to compare. I couldn’t help laughing when Shatner talkes about how Nimoy directs and Nimoy starts giving comments on Shatners way of talking. Then we go to the documentary called “Terraforming and the Prime Directive” which doesn’t really have to do with Star Trek in itself but is a really nice documentary with NASA specialists about the concepts of terraforming and the possibility of life on Mars.

“Space docs and Birds of Prey” is a documentary where the people from ILM (known from Star Wars) talk about how the different space ships were created and how the technical difficulties of creating the space environment were overcome. “Speaking Klingon” is a documentary on how the Klingon language was created and how it evolved during the creation of the movie. Very interesting aswell. Next to all that we get a documentary on the costumes of Klingon and Vulcan races, the theatrical trailer and the sneak trailer of the upcoming Star Trek movie “Nemesis”.

Star Trek III is very different from Wrath of Khan. In the latter, things are very positive with the creation of life and Kirk catching up with his ex-wife and son David. In The Search for Spock, the Genesis project turns bad with the planet going into major destruction mode and Kirk’s son dying. The emphasys here is less on the action but more on the emotional interaction between the different star trek characters and it turns out very well for the overall film.

This special edition DVD release is definitely worth its name. The extra’s are extremely interesting and are good value for the price you have to pay. Must have for all Trekkies and also for everyone who has even the slightest bit of interest in Star Trek.

Our Score:

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