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Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home SE

After returning Spock back to Vulcan, Kirk and his crew have to return home to face trial for their insubordination in episode 3. While our friends are heading off to earth, an alien probe however is doing the same and everything that gets on its way is powered down as it sends out a signal which apparantly absorbs all energy. By the time Kirk and his crew arrive in our solar system, earth is running on its last energy reserves while the weather is terrible and all sunlight is blocked by clouds. Spock manages to find out the type of signal the probe is sending out and it appears to be the singing of humpback whales – a species which has been extinct for ages on earth. Kirk and his people will now have to go back into time to find a couple of humpbacks and bring them back to the present in order to save our planet

Sound and Vision:
Due to the age of the source material there’s of course some grain and minor damage but overall one wouldn’t say this film is 17 years old. Considering the age this is a good transfer

Same goes for the soundtrack which is clear and warm while the dynamic of the effects comes through the speakers in a decent way.

Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner start the extras with an audio commentary track after which we can check out a text commentary track written by Michael and Denise Okuda from the Star Trek Encyclopedia.

Disk 2 is where the majority of the extras is located and we start off with a whole set of short featurettes which are good for about 32 minutes and cover a variety of things related to the movie. We get a 51 minute documentary which gives some insight in the production of the film while the visual effects are covered in a seperate feature which lasts about 15 minutes. Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner and DeForest Kelly are present in a couple of original interviews after which we can check out 2 short movies which bring tribute to Gene Roddenberry and Mark Lenard (Sarek). We end the extras with pictures, storyboards, drawings and of course the obligatory trailer.

One wouldn’t be overdoing it by saying the dvd is overloaded with extra stuff.

Personally I find The Voyage Home to be one of the lesser Star Trek movies due to the slapstick-style. The DVD however is technically very good and filled to the edge with interesting extras. A must have for Trekkies and a good addition to any collection.

Our Score:

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