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Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier (Collector's Edition)

The crew of the Enterprise is on holiday while the Enterprise B is being repaired. Suddenly they get called back to head to Nimbus 3 – the only planet in the galaxy where humans, Klingons and Romulans have a base together – where apparantly a man has taken the diplomats of the different races hostage.

Once arrived, Kirk sets up a rescue mission to liberate the diplomats but the mission fails and Kirk finds himself and his crew taken prisoner aswell. Everyone returns to the Enterprise where the man called Sybok wants to take over the ship and head to the Great Barrier where he believes the legendary Eden to be. When they arrive on the ship, Kirk manages to overtake some of his guards, but when Spock gets confronted with Sybok, he refuses to shoot him as Sybok is Spock’s brother. Sybok takes over the Enterprise and his crew by using a special power of his which confronts people with their own fears. The only ones who manage to withstand this power are Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty. With Sybok having control over the Enterprise, the ship sets off to the Great Barrier which Sybok wants to cross to meet up with God who he believes is on the other side. However, the Klingon have a Bird of Prey nearby and don’t intend to let their diplomat go so easy, even if it means destroying the Enterprise…

Sound and Vision:
The newly encoded anamorphic 2.35:1 aspect widescreen image is sharp and has good contrast and shadow detail. Colors are bright and contain good amount of blackness. Compression errors are down to a minimum, edge enhancement or aliasing aren’t present. Still, the special effects do look dated but this new version for the Collector’s Edition definitely is a lot better than the original DVD.

The soundtrack is pretty dynamic and the surround speakers are used actively. The subwoofer also gets its piece of the action while the front speakers give a very decent wide stereo atmosphere. Dialogues are perfectly positioned at the center speaker.

Disc one contains an audio commentary track by William Shatner and his daughter. A text commentary by Michael and Denise Okuda is also available on disc one.

Disc 2 is where the main part of the extras are gathered and they start off with “Herman Zimmerman: A Tribute” which is a feature about art and production designer Herman Zimmerman with interviews and images of his work. Cosmic Thoughts is a feature where scientists and writers give their opinion on science, the universe and religion. Shatner has his own interview where he tells all about the climbing of “El Capitan”. That Klingon Couple is an interview with Spice Williams and Todd Bryant who tell all about how they got involved with the movie and the effect it had on their career. “A Green Future ?” is a promo movie about how conscient about the environment they are within the Star Trek production. Harve Bennett’s Pitch is nothing more than a promo video where Harve Bennett talks about the movie. The Journey is a pretty recent Making Of on The Final Frontier and rather interesting to watch as quite a lot of interesting info is given. Make-up Tests is a short feature without audio where you get to see how the make-up is done on the actors. Pre-Visualization Models is another silent feature where you can check out how the special effects are shots while using models. Rockman In The Raw shows some footage of the deleted Rockman scene. Star Trek V Press Conference : cast presents the movie to the press and answers a couple of questions.

There’s 4 deleted scenes present: Mount Rushmore, Insults, Behold Paradise and Spock’s Pain. Of course a collector’s edition can’t go without the usual which means we get a production gallery, storyboards, 2 theatrical trailers and 7 TV Spots. All in all a huge amount of extras with certainly enough to keep anyone interested.

Well, if you’re not into Star Trek you’ll probably be overwhelmed by all the Trekkie stuff you’ll find on the disc but even then there are a couple of features that will appeal to anyone who even has the slightest interest in science and space. Paramount again manages to include a bunch of extra’s that contain very interesting non Star Trek info 🙂 The reworked image is a big improvement while the soundtrack is nice as well. The Final Frontier may not be the best Star Trek movie out there but this release is definitely worth checking out.

Our Score:

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