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Star Trek: Armada

Do you run to the attic in search of your big old fake spock ears everytime Star Trek is on?
And whenever there’s not one episode re-run to find on your TV, you turn on the Pc in order to play some real time strategy like starcraft?

Well then for all those people, here’s the solution so you don’t have to run up and down those stairs all day. Activision brings us one of the most awaited Star Trek games: Armada. This game is the first real RTS game based on the Star Trek universe, and for those who can’t wait, I can already tell you this: This kick’s ass dude 🙂

Activision did a great job on the intro, it blows you right of yer feet.

After watching the mega intro you can only be afraid of what will IN the game. When you start a new campaign, u’ll get the choice between 4 (this is not a typo) different races: The federation, The Klingons, the Romulans and… the Borg (ooooh YEAH, let’s assimilate some federation Butt :)).

The story of the game is breathtaking and like it or not u will get sucked right into it: The war with the dominion is over and life in the alpha quadrant is getting back to normal, but there still is an internal war in the Klingon empire and all of the sudden, out of nowhere, Picard has the stop a borg invasion led by Locutus.

Movies bring u the story during and between missions. In those movies you can see and hear the actual Star Trek heroes like Worf and Picard.

But enough about the story, lets get to where the points are scored: gameplay. In the first few missions the gameplay is rather slow and u really can’t do that much but after a mission or 3, when u get the hand of it, real epic battles will be fought. Now u can offcourse say “been there done that”, but that isn’t actually right.

Weapons in the game are various and they differ from species to species, but what’s really new is the combination of weapons. For an example, I was playing the federation campaign and there was a black hole on the map (ships with engines turned off get sucked into the hole), this black hole comes in really handy for the federation ’cause they have a weapon that ficusses on the engines.

The only thing I had to do was kill all the engines and let space do its work :).

People who think this is just a basic resources-let’s-make-1000-units-game are wrong there is alot more to it like making sure your ships aren’t undermanned. Availability of crew goes up as time goes by.

There are also 2 ways to kill a unit: you can just shoot it untill it blows (wouldn’t you?), or you can kill the crew and board the ship so u can use it against the former owners.

There’s a handy zoom/rotate function in the game that let’s u go from close up (watch cool battles) to all the way up (to navigate) and after some practice u can get some advantage out of this.
Something u can’t miss on this title are the stunning graphics. Armada let’s players use high resolutions so they can enjoy the fantastic explosions and laserbeams.

But the real pieces of art are the shields and the way they light up when shot on. Also Some weapons like the shield-disruptor are so “enlightened” you forget where the action is.

The sound is really Strategy. Everytime a unit moves you hear a sound. But you don’t hear a sound of foton torpedo’s hitting the shields of other ships. The sound that some of the buildings produce is horrifying. It sounded like my neighbours were celebrating Christmas early by killing their turkey now.

What completely went by in this game is the music, its a mix of all the Star Trek series tunes, but I hardly noticed it.

Are there completely no downsides to this game you would think? Well, there are. The game takes place on a 2d battlefield so the units can’t move like they would move in space. I also thought that the ships would do evasive movements (like Picard allways yells during the series :)), but they don’t.
The ships just come to a stand an do nothing more but shooting untill one of them is sent to the Walhalla of Iron.

This is really a downside to the game cause it makes you wanna kick your ATX through the window when, during a multiplayer battle your Enterprise is killed by a little ship u’d normally piss on, cause Picard is to lasie to move his ass without you telling him (little SOB).

Another minus is the fact the maps are just maps like in any other game, so you can say sayonara to endless space. But this is something that is still acceptable

The answer is simple. This game is one of the best Trekkie games to hit the stores but is isn’t the best RTS game.
So if you’re a Trekkie who likes to give orders, buy this shit (thats what i did). If you’re an RTS-fan, run to the store. If you just read this article and don’t know what RTS is and you think Worf is an exotic flower, then this game is as interesting to u as the things Speed says on the forum (not a personal thing Speedie :))

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