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Star Trek: First Contact

The Borg are attacking earth. As Picard once was taken over by this gruesome enemy, they decide to not let the Enterprise participate in the defense of our mother planet. However, when the Borg manage to take down most of the earth’s defense forces, Picard orders the Enterprise to go into battle as well. They succeed in damaging the Borg Cube but just before exploding, a probe is sent off to earth and opens a time window. The crew of the Enterprise see that suddenly all human life on Earth is transformed into Borg drones and they decide to go through the time window as well.

They land in the legendary year 2063 when the first warp flight was done by Zefran Cochran and it is exactly this flight that the Borg want to prohibit. Picard and his crew start working on getting Cochran’s vessel ready for warp drive but meanwhile, the Enterprise is slowly but steadily being taken over by the Borg…

Sound and Vision:
As usual we gets very good image quality from Paramount with bright colors, sharp image and a good level of detail. No compression errors or other problems occur so we can do nothing but applaud this transfer.

The 5.1 soundtrack is sublime with loads of effects that are being thrown at you from all channels. Very impressive.

A teaser trailer along with the original theater trailer is all we get.

First Contact nicely continues the Borg storyline and is in my opinion one of the best “Next Generation” movies. Combined with a technically very highstanding DVD you just can’t leave this one laying around.
Only too bad that there aren’t any real extras.

Our Score:

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