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Star Trek: Insurrection

Together with the Son’a, the Federation is observing the Ba’ku, a primitive race that lives on a planet which apparantly has a great secret. The Federation is interested in getting to know this secret and therefor Data needs to help in the observations. However, one day Data completely freaks out and starts shooting at his colleagues after which he takes the observers hostage. Picard is ordered by Admiral Dougherty to go to the planet and take Data into custody. Once this has been done, Picard starts investigating Data’s strange behaviour and he finds out why the Federation is so interested in the Ba’ku. Picard and his people decide stand by Data and help these people, therefor directly disobeying the order from the Starfleet Admiral.

Sound and Vision:
This is one of the first DVD’s Paramount ever released and the quality is like we’ve become used of them. Good contrast, no compression errors or grain, decent level of detail and no edge enhancement.

The 5.1 track perfectly positions all effects while dialogues are coming nicely from the center speaker. Also the subwoofer is well-used when necessary. Good stuff !

A 5 minutes “Making Of” cannot be counted as a real extra and neither is a trailer

Too bad for what is supposed to be the extras because for the rest there’s hardly anything bad we can say about this movie. The storyline is different from most Star Trek movies as the crew for once doesn’t need to “Save the Universe” (or earth for that matter) and nicely puts current social themes in an easy-to-understand jacket

Our Score:

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