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Star Trek: Nemesis

Riker and Troi are about to get married but on the voyage to Betazed, the Enterprise picks up a positronic signal from a planet nearby the Romulan Neutral Zone. When Picard and Data go check out what the source of the signal is, they find a robot much like Data completely de-assembled. After re-activiting it, it becomes clear that the android is B-4, a prototype with less capabilities than Data. Little later, the Enterprise gets word from Starfleet that the new Romulan Praetor, Shinzon, wants to talk with Picard so they head off to Romulus where Shinzon appears before them and clearly is a clone of Picard himself. Still, Shinzon proclaims to want peace between the Romulans and the Federation and wants Picard to help him achieve that goal. Picard is confused about the message his clone brings him and quite soon it becomes clear that he’s right in not trusting Shinzon…

Sound and Vision:
It’s nice to see that Paramount again brings us a dvd with great quality. Compression artefacts are down to a minimum and hardly detectable while contrast, brightness, detail and color use are really good.

Also the soundtrack stands out with good use of the rear channels and subwoofer while dialogues are nicely coming from the center speaker. Top notch.

After the commentary track by director Stuart Baird, we get to see 2 documentaries (“New Frontiers: Stuart Baird on Directing Nemesis” and “A Bold Vision of the Final Frontier”) where Baird tells all about how he came into the production and started working with the known crew and how he put his stamp on almost every scene that was shot. To be honest: the guy seems to be full of himself and looks like a real pain in the ass to work with. Of course, my opinion could be wrong, but that’s the image you get when you look at him in these documentaries and the fact that none of the crew also brabbling about ‘how much fun it was to work with Baird” only encourages me in this idea.

The next documentaries, “A Star Trek Family’s Final Journey” and “Red Alert! Shooting the Action of Nemesis” are really enjoyable to watch and give an impression of the atmosphere between the actors on the set. Next up are a bunch of deleted scenes, some with an intro sequence on why they were deleted or what they represent. To finish it off, we get a photo gallery

A lot of Star Trek fans might find Nemesis to be less good than the previous movies but after seeing the film for the second time I would rather say it’s a bit different than calling it “worse”. Nemesis contains a couple of errors in the Star Trek Universe which aren’t explained (Janeway appears as Admiral so Voyager must have come back already but the Enterprise doesn’t have any of Voyager’s fancy shields ?) but has a lot more action than we’ve ever seen in a Star Trek movie. Also the Scimitar is the most impressive ship ever to come across the Enterprise and the makers really deserve credit for finding a story where a clear end is given to the Next Generation (although the last episode of the series already was a great ending in my opinion)

Anyway, I’m getting way off (yes, I love Star Trek and am a big fan ;p) so I’m going to stop here and just say this : Get the dvd, you’ll like it a lot, even if you aren’t a real fan.

Our Score:

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