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Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Director's Edition)

An unidentified cosmic appearance has destroyed a couple of Klingon ships. Captain James T. Kirk and his crew are with the renewed USS Enterprise the only ship nearby enough to investigate what’s going on. When they arrive it becomes clear that the thing is heading for Earth, Kirk will need everything from his crew and ship to save us all.

Sound and Vision:
For a movie of this age, Star Trek: The Motion Picture has a great image quality. There are a couple pieces of dirt to be seen and some minor grain, but for the rest everything the image quality is pretty good and we can all rejoice that nobody got the bloody idea to add edge enhancement.

This director’s edition has a revamped soundtrack which definitely is better than the original. The only minor downpoint is that from time to time the dialogues are a bit flat (usual with older movies). The surround channels are used often, just like the subwoofer which superbly supports the bass tones.

We start off with two commentary tracks, one audio (including comments from director Robert Wise and actor Stephen Collins) and another text (Michael Okuda, co-author of The Star Trek Encyclopedia).

On the second disk we get a bunch of documentaries covering the initial idea of Star Trek:Phase II which finally became The Motion Picture, the differences between the original movie and the director’s cut, and finally the production including interviews with cast & crew. Next up are a bunch of trailers, additional & deleted scenes, differences in scenes between original version & director’s edition and last some material which was added for the TV-edition. To finalise there’s a couple of storyboards from three scenes.

This director’s edition ads a whole lot of interesting extras to the original film, not to mention enhancement of both image and sound quality. Definitely worth checking out, even if you aren’t a “Trekkie”

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