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Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force

It’s been a while since i made a review for fragland cause i was a bit fed up with the whole computer experience but now i’m back with a stunning review of a stunning game: Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (STEF).

The game uses the powerfull Q3 engine so the graphs can be considered pretty phat (yes i’m found of l33t English :p). But before i tell you more about that, lemme give u a bit ’bout the story.

Voyager is drifting around somewhere in space (as usual) and they get into a battle. The other ship kinda implodes and Voyager gets sucked into an alternate dimension. Here it suffers another attack from some space-pirates leaving them completely immobilized. With the few sensors left they can make out their not alone in this dimension, so Captain Janeway descides to send out an away team: the elite force….

From this moment on the story is a linear as it gets but that didn’t bother me once cause it’s really great and surprising. You also must realyze that the stroy is told with ingame movies making it even more addicting cause there’s hardly no swiching between movies and game.

As i said, the graphs are great but they require a pretty heavy gaming system. Sometime i just was amazed by the magnificent explosions and lightning FX. The levels are really nice and various. Nice work from Ravensofts designers here. The sound is idem dito, its just finished. Nothing to say here, nice FX and a kewl trekkie track 🙂

The gameplay is solid as a rock (the Q3 physics are allmost left intact) and it never gets boring.

Is there nothing bad to say about this game then? Do we have the game of the century? Well, actually there are two downsides. First the gamelength, is just sooooo short it makes me wanna cry. Hopefully there will come and addon in the future. Second, the battle AI of the opponents is a bit weak. They never surprised me during a shoot out by making a sudden move or something, it gave me the idea this game wasn’t really challenging (or ph3ar my mad skillz :))

The multiplayer experience is kinda basic but really addicting with the get-those-crappy-borgs factor in it

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