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Star Wars: Battle for Naboo

The creators from Star Wars:Rogue Squadron have decided to deliver us a new game based on the Star Wars Episode 1 movie, and defenitely want to join the lines of companies trying to get some money out of the Star Wars cash cow.

Battle for Naboo is an arcade game where you have to struggle through several missions that ask you to fly around and shoot droids. Wether they are battle droids, fighter droids or droid starfighters, it all stays the same. You fly and shoot.

As is shown above in my example, the gameplay is extremely monotone, and there’s really nothing in the game that makes up that.

The graphics might look good for a game that’s created about 5 or 6 years ago, but since we’re 2001 one should get more than characters that look like the trees mostly do in racing games.

The sound is not impressive either. All you get is some background music and laser blasts, from time to time interrupted by dialogues between you and/or your captain and other characters that give you new mission objectives.

I’m not trying to be extremely negative here, but there’s just nothing in this game that appeals to me for more than 10 minutes. I guess it might be a good game for really young kids if it’s priced in the low budget range, but buying this game at a full price rate (anything above 1.000 BEF actually) would be ridiculous.

I think developers still think that a movie license makes a good game so I’ll say this : Reality check! Games based on movies tend to suck, so if you still want to create a license-based game, then better make sure you put ALOT of effort in it and DON’T release a game that looks like it’s made in the first half of 1990!

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