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Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron

In a galaxy far far away….. They still have enough stories to tell about their intergalactic conflict called Star Wars. Luckily the companies are starting to get that it’s best not to focus on the main characters of the movies to make a succesful game. Instead it’s better to focus on the people in the back. Let us see what hidden stories await us and how they had an impact on the battles from the movies!

While there is a single player mode in the game, the most important part is the multiplayer and that’s what I’ll start with as it is one of the biggest addition to this sequel of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 on the PSP. The story goes as follows: a researcher called Tionne stumbles across some hidden logs of Commander Col Serra. He was the leader of a special rebel force called Renegade Squadron that was brought to life by Han Solo.

Throughout the levels the story is told with the help of beautifully rendered artwork. The missions are actually multiplayer maps but with several goals on them and these can go from conquering a certain checkpoint to destroying an anti-air battery near an enemy spawnpoint. In the several hours that you’ll play the story you’ll participate in almost every deciding conflict, ranging from Hoth and Endor to even the Death Star.

Besides the campaign, there’s also another mode called Galactic Conquest. Here you need to conquer several planets from the computer while protecting yours. You do this with the help of turn based strategy for moving your troops, wiping out the enemy defence in orbit around a planet and finally wipe out the ground forces to take control of it. There are two choices for settling these fights: let the computer deal with it or go and face the enemy yourself.

A good portion of the buyers are going to get this game for its addictive multiplayer. So what sort of improvements can we expect? Well, unlike SW: Battlefront 2, you can have a total of 8 players in ad hoc mode. Besides that you can also play through wireless and battle it out on a map with a maximum of 16 players! The most played mode will be Conquest. Two teams fight over several locations on a map and those that have the most points will win the match. You will be able to choose out of 15 different maps, several of them are reworked versions while others are new.

What use do you have with the ability to play with 16 players if you can’t blast each other apart? None of course! Luckily Rebellion Software had the same thought since they added almost every well known Star Wars weapon and vehicle in the game. Wookie Crossbow, Jedi Lasersword and thermal detonator are just three of the many weapons at your disposal, you will even be able to pilot the famous AT-ST and AT-AT(death and destruction!).

Besides the mass battles on the ground there’s also the possibility to fight each other in space. All the famous spaceships from the movies are playable ranging from the X-Wing to the Tie-Interceptor. Luckily they were smart enough to add bots to the game. These will fill in the empty spots on the friendly and enemy teams so that you can have a nice game all the time.

Your can customize your character completely to your liking. If you want a fast one, you can simply add some speed enhancing skills or if you want to have more hitpoints during fights you simply change the speed upgrades with health ones. In total there are 100 credits and depending on which skill and weapons you choose they’ll be used. If you go over the limit you will have to thumb down some of your upgrades or choose a less strong weapon.

While the graphics of the game won’t collect any awards, everything is quite decent. Knowing that you play on a full map filled with 16 players and vehicles, the visuals are quite nice for a handheld. The sound of the game is like all previous Star Wars games of a high standard. The effects of the weapons you will instantly remember from the movies and when a tough battle is up ahead a beautiful soundtrack will play on the background.

For the people that loved Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the PSP this is a great buy. If you didn’t like its predecessor, then you might want to try it out before you get it since this game adds a lot of new content like a singleplayer mode and several other features.

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