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Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

Many games have been created based on the Star Wars universe, and here’s another one: Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (hooray You play the role of Jango fett. For those of you who have been living in a metal box for the past years, Jango is the father of Boba Fett and they both apear in the Star Wars movies.
The Fett's are quite an impresive bunch: "The name Fett carries with it a cold air of dread and competence. To those with the credits to hire him, it is synonymous with success. To those with reasons to fear, Fett means capture or death. The name and reputation are just two of the many things Boba inherited from his father, Jango. In the final years of the Republic, Jango Fett was regarded as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy." -- star wars databank

The game is actually extremely repetitive and dull (I had expected more of this game, honestly). You run around and shoot people, they shoot back. Then you walk around some more and you catch some bounties. oh yeah, and I think there's a story in there somewhere (if you find it mail me). The game also pretends to have a non-linear structure, but that's a sham too. The controls of the game though are nothing short of spectacular: the way you can move Jango is so fluent and intuitive that one might think the dev team spent all the budget on the testing of the controls. Once you get the jetpack, Jango is athletic enough to make Lara Croft blush. The only irritating thing about the controls is the way you have to catch a bounty, it requires too many button strokes.
The graphics were boring too: there's almost no variation per location and there's too little use of colors. The enemies that you face are also quite lookalikes. The sound was okay though, but that's all I have to say about it.

In short: Bounty Hunter is a great concept with stinking implementation. This could/should be better. Shame on you Lucasarts, shame on you!

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