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Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones

Things aren’t going too well in the Republic. Several solar systems have announced publicly that they want to leave the Republic while a certain Count Dooku has made life for the Jedi miserable as keeping peace and order is becoming more and more difficult. Senator Amidala (who’s no longer queen of Naboo) returns to the Republic to plee for an army which will help the Jedi but when she arrives, an assassination attempt is done on her life. Luckily she survives and Anakin and Obi Wan are requested to protect the senator during her visit. When another attempt to kill her is done, Anakin leaves the Republic with Amidala and travels to Naboo where they will hide while Obi Wan starts a search to find the man who ordered the assassination.

While Anakin becomes in love with Amidala, Obi Wan finds an army of clones and stumbles upon a conspiracy lead by Count Dooku who wants to overthrow the republic.

Sound and Vision:
Star Wars is completely shot on digital film so no transfer from analogue to digital has to be made which definitely increases the quality of this DVD. No errors are artefacts what so ever, no edge enhancement and perfect colors is what we get. Getting a better quality is hardly possible on the current DVD format.

Much like on the dvd of Episode I the surround channels and subwoofer are used at their fullest capacity and the sound quality is great. Perfect is the only word for this.

On the first disc we get an audio commentary track with George Lucas and a couple of other people from the production. Also a THX optimiser is included which gives you the possibility to optimise image and sound to your own preferences to give the best cinema experience possible.

The second disk is where most of the extras are located and amongst those are two documentaries which cover the process of getting the puppets digitalised and the pre-visualisation of the movie which isn’t done with storyboards as usual but rather with low detail computer animations. Also a couple of TV spots and trailers are of course present, just like the deleted scenes which you can watch with the optional commentary. Personally I found the deleted scenes to be removed with good cause while in Episode 1 there were a couple which could just aswel have remained in the film.

Three featurettes give us some background information on the film aswell as interviews with cast&crew. The web documentaries are pretty short but interesting. Dex’s Kitchen gives us the possibility to check out another three documentaries which give an insight on the soundtrack and special effects while the last one is a funny one about R2-D2. Last in the lineup are the photo galleries.

Episode 2 is as movie an improvement over Episode 1 although I didn’t like the “love-scenes” between Amidala and Anakin which are hardly believable. The DVD itself is again of perfect quality.

Our Score:

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