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Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter

Starfighter was one of the better titles for the Playstation 2 when it was released and was defenitely one of the only games to come out of the Star Wars license that was worth anything.

With Episode 2 now in the cinema, LucasArts couldn’t do better than to release a sequel based on the new movie.

As Adi Gallia, you’re one of the Jedi Council’s top Jedi and are to be sent off by Mace Windu to investigate what’s going on in the Karthakk system. Soon you’ll be in full combat with the forces of the Trade Federation and hook up with space pirate Nym and his friends.

The game’s story comes through dialogues between Nym, his friends, yourself and a few others and the voice-acting is very well-done. Each character has a very specific and understandable voice and except for Adi, who sounds like the world could collapse and even then she wouldn’t care, all characters including Yoda are portrayed perfectly.

To continue on the sound, I must say that the effects are up-to-par with current standards, everything sounds as it should. No complaints to be found there.

The graphics are good but nothing special. Explosions are nice with white flares and ships blowing up into pieces, but it doesn’t really look superbly convincing. More like some light has cut the ship into pieces which start floating around in space.

Also the main downpoint of the original game, the slowing down in heavily populated levels, hasn’t disappeared although it has been improved. A smoothly running split-screen mode can be forgotten though.

The controls have not changed and the use of The Force with your ship is still very nice although you’ll have to procede through the game to gradually be able to use them which I can understand from a game developer’s point of view, but find strange from a Jedi point. If you’re a strong Jedi, why can’t you use your powers from the beginning ?

A nice feature is also the bullet-time that’s being introduced here, or should I say “Force Bullet Time” ? 😉

The gameplay is straight-forward and consists of blowing up things, shooting enemy ships, protecting friends, etc. It’s fun but can get boring after a while although the storyline which gets gradually unveiled tries to keep you interested in the game.

Next to the main game are a few extra’s available and more which you can unlock by completing bunos and hidden mission objectives. The most interesting of thos extra’s are a trailer for the upcoming Star Wars : Bounty Hunter and the possibility to use X-Wing or TIE Fighter ships for any level/mission.

Overall, Jedi Starfighter is a good game but it depends alot on personal taste. If you’re really into it, it can keep you busy for quite a while, but if you’re on the other hand more interested in varied gameplay, you’ll probably put this game away after about a week if not earlier.

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