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Star Wars Lethal Alliance

This is the first exclusive Star Wars game for the handheld market and to the displeasure of many fans, the light sabre isn’t part of your arsenal this time. You’ll have to fall back on your acrobatic talents, your blaster and a little robot that bolbly goes where no woman can go. Mostly air vents that is.

You play with the mercenary Rianna and the robot Zeeo to steal the plans of the Death Star. Something I thought to have done with Kyle Katarn but let’s say that there are many blueprints and the developers themselves quickly push back the storyline to develop a plot of revenge. Kyle Katarn, by the way, makes an “act de présence”, just like a lot of other heroes and villains including – yep – Darth Vader himself. A lot of famous faces, but let’s wait and see whether this makes a good game.

Graphically Star Wars Lethal Alliance doesn’t disappoint: the knows how to deliver the Star Wars atmosphere and both the levels and NPC’s look sharp and colorful and even in the larger and more open levels things remain looking quite decent. There’s a lot of eye candy and the whole Star Wars universe really comes to life on your PSP. Through this you have – more than in other games – the idea that you move in a real and living world. Also the sound adds to that. LucasArts. The weapons, characters, surroundings and also music; it all sounds fun and for a change also the voice actors are of a high quality than we’re used from PSP games. Or games in general.

And still. After a while you get bored while playing this game, just because Star Wars Lethal Alliance isn’t challenging enough. The difficulty level is extremely low eventhough the controls will get you killed more than once. A bit of a shame as this title could have been so much more thanks to the dynamic duo that Rianna and Zeeo form.

While Rianna’s task mostly consists out of clearing room after room filled with enemies, Zeeo floats through dark sky or air vents to here and there pull a lever or make a short reconnaissance sweep. Sounds fun and it would have been if the controls wouldn’t punish you so easily and the targetting system wouldn’t have been so half automated.

Simple taking out your blaster and pushing the trigger button and the game will do the rest. The enemies are automatically chosen (most of the time not the one you thought would get shot) and you won’t have to expect much variation in your weapons either: the standard blaster, heavier weaponry and the obligatory sniper rifle as well as Zeeo who can be used as a floating bowling ball (which is a nice surprise). But playing with Rianna still manages to quickly become a repetitive task of shooting, jumping, falling down a cliff due to the sensitive controls and starting over so that even the fun parts with Zeeo only manage to barely rise above average.

A mixed feeling, that’s what remains after playing Star Wars Lethal Alliance. Although it technically looks very good and also the gameplay is pretty well thought through, the game just isn’t challenging enough to even keep the casual gamer occupied for a long time. And then there’s the sensitive controls that are difficult to adjust while the uninteresting ad hoc multiplayer doesn’t really add much to the replay value.

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