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Star Wars: Obi-Wan

Do you want to relive “Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace” without Pod racing? What Star Wars fan wouldn’t want to see it all through Obi Wan’s eyes? Make shure you keep on reading, it just gets better.

The game begins in the early stages of the Trade Federations’ blockade over Naboo and tells us the untold story prior to this conflict. Obi wan is sent down to the slums of Corusant to investigate and fight some hoodlums. These hoodlums are represented by the scum of the first Star Wars episode (remember the three-eyed-goat-headed freak?). As Obi Wan spends more time in the slums, the plot thickens as he soon find out about the Jin’Ha, who are developing Jedi-resistant weaponry, later turns out to be used against the Jedi by the Trade Federation.

From this point, the game follows the flow of the original movie, from escaping the droid control ship to meeting Jar Jar Binks, alas; you’ll never fly to the droid control ship (that was anakin, remember), you’ll never even meet Anakin Skywalker, nor will you meet the Gungans, but eventually you’ll have to defeat Darth Maul as in the original plot.

Graphics are a bit disappointing, but certainly not bad, keeping in mind that this game’s engine is based on the original Jedi Knight game for pc (released somewhat three years ago). Compared to other Xbox games, this one is certainly not the most adequate game to showcase the powers of the Xbox. Character models are awful as you hardly recognize Qui Jon or Obi Wan.

Sound is just great when it comes to the original theme of Star Wars, also is the light saber, but awful is the voice acting, seems to me that some American guy tries to imitate Ewan McGregor’s typical English accent.

Gameplay is sweet and you get plenty of time to train yourself using the controls yet there is a training mode where you can exercise your saber skills on co-Jedi such as Mace Windu, and other characters. Even so you get a quick hold on the controls, make sure you have total control of all the maneuvers possible, as enemy AI isn’t just the regular “we-only-attack-you-straight-ahead”-AI, but enemies will certainly interact with your moves, ditch, hide, run, duck … you name it, they’ll do it. Using the force is daily business for the Jedi and so is it ingame, Force powers such as grab, push, superjump, a lightsaber boomerang throw attack, a trick to slow down time “Matrix” or “Max Payne” style, and a special block maneuver to bounce off gun beams back to your enemies. The third person camera gives you an excellent view of what’s going on around you. The light saber battles are not the only battles you can get; you have binoculars, sniper rifles and even ion-grenades (love ’em).

The atmosphere this game arouses is perfect, but will only be savored by Star Wars lovers. The force was not so strong with this game, despite the fact the light saber combats is the most fantastic battle mode I’ve ever played.

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