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Stargate: Atlantis Season 2

Season one ended with the Wraith starting an all-out attack on Atlantis and that’s exactly where season two starts. Of course the Stargate crew manages to survive despite all odds being against them but I won’t say how they pull it off though as I don’t want to spoil the fun 🙂

The 20 episodes of season two have a mixture of what we’ve gotten used to from the Stargate series. Discovery of new planets that sometimes have defenses against the Wraith that could be used by the Atlantis team, search for Ancient technology (including the discovery of an Ancient ship), internal trouble with Lt. Aiden Ford being hooked on a Wraith enzym after being fed on, a Goa’Uld infiltrant from The Trust placing bombs on the Atlantis base and so on… this all spiced up with some comedy coming from Dr.McKay Lt.Colonel Sheppard and Dr. Beckett.

Sound and Vision:
The image is quite decent with some minor compression errors but nothing really specific that can ruin the viewing experience. Bright colors, good contrast and reasonable amount of detail, just as we like it.

The sound is equal to that of season one which means dialogues are clear and understandable while surrounds mildly support effects and music.

As in good Stargate tradition this season has quite a lot of extras accompanying the episodes on the discs.

Next to several audio commentary tracks there are a couple of very interesting “Making Of” features present as well as personnel profiles where one specific character gets looked at. Also we get some additional funny features with the dream of the writer to become an actor standing out as being pretty hilarious. Concerning the hilarious part: all extras are delivered with a good sense of humour and are quite fun to watch.

Season Two continues in the lines laid out in the first season but in the meantime disassociating themselves a bit more from the original Stargate SG-1 series. The characters start to grow up a bit more instead of trying to copy the SG-1 characters and this is a positive evolution. The different episodes overall manage to get away from the standard “explore planet – find hostiles – rescue friends” kind of storyline and actually are quite original (although some still follow the paths laid out by SG-1). Atlantis Season Two is a good step in the right direction and contains plenty of different storylines that nicely evolve and keep viewers interested in watching. On to the third season I would say!

MGM delivers Atlantis with decent image and sound quality as well as a buttload of fun extras that will appeal a lot to the fans.

Our Score:

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