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Stargate SG-1: Season 9

With the demise of the Goa’uld, things have greatly changed. Colonel Cameron Mitchell has been given the honor to lead the SG-1 but to his surprise all the former members have parted. O’Neill has gone to Washington and has been replaced by General Landry (Beau Bridges). Teal’c is trying to reform the Jaffa nation into a democratic government, Carter has joined the teams in Area51 to concentrate on research and Daniel Jackson has decided to go to Atlantis where his knowledge of the Ancients could proove very valuable. Mitchell accepts his appointment but does all he can to get the old team back together. When on a mission they come into contact with the Ori, it seems they’ve found a new enemy that’s even more powerful than the Goa’uld have ever been as the Ori are – like the Ancients – ascended beings…

Sound and Vision:
It looks like after the very nice packaging up until Season 8, MGM/Sony have decided to go low-budget. The image contains quite some compression errors and also grain pops up now and then. Luckily it isn’t bothering too much so most people probable won’t have a problem with it.

The sound is quite good with clear dialogues but don’t expect much more. The 5.1 track isn’t used at its full potential and the effects from the surround speakers are scarse.


With the Ori, we get a very interesting enemy, the storylines are funny as always and even the lack of Jack O’Neill doesn’t harm the series too much. Ben Browder does a decent job taking over from Richard Dean Anderson although especially the first episodes you clearly see that he’s trying to copy Anderson’s style which looks quite stupid. Luckily, he manages to create his own ways after a few shows and his performance quickly improves. Season 9 brings a fresh air to the series and although many people will feel sad for the departure of Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O’Neill) the series is strong enough on its own to keep the viewer interested and stay tuned. Sony, who have taken over MGM, have given this dvd a rather budget treatment without extras and only mediocre image & sound quality. Too bad.

Our Score:

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