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Stargate SG-1: Vol. 26

This dvd includes the first four episodes of season 6 of the highly popular Stargate series so let’s start off with a rundown :

Redemption (1) : Daniel Jackson has been killed and the team is still looking for a good replacement. Meanwhile, they have to prevent a disaster from happening on earth as Anubis seems to have found a weapon to destroy our planet once and for all. Teal’c in the meantime has gone back to his home planet as Bra’Tac informed him that his wife is dying.

Redemption (2) : Teal’c, his son Ry’ac and Bra’Tac try to disarm Anubis’ weapon while O’Neill wants to save earth by trying to get the stargate in space with the experimental X-302 plane and let it explode.

Descent : One of Anubis’ ships arrives on earth but seems to be completely deserted. When the stargate team board the ship, it quickly becomes clear that not all is as it seems.

Frozen : on the North Pole a woman is found in the ice. First measurements indicate that she was frozen in even before human life started on earth. When the ice melts, things become really strange as the woman comes back to life. She appears to be one of the Ancients, the people that built the stargates, and is called Ayiana. When the stargate team members become sick one after another, it becomes clear that she carries a virus which might have caused the extinction of the Ancients and now might get the whole stargate team to die.

Sound and Vision:
The quality of the image is really outstanding for a television series and the fact that we get to see the widescreen US version is only something to cheer about. The only minor downpoints are a minimal appearance of grain and some problems in certain effects shots where the image starts to shiver.

The Dolby track is as good as should be expected with nice spreading of all channels while dialogues are nicely centered. Also the subwoofer gets to do its part which is a nice surplus for the visual effects.

Each episodes comes with audio commentary. Next up are two behind-the-scenes featurettes of epised 5 and 6 which will appear on the next dvd. Then we go to previews of Nightwalkers, Abyss, Shadow Play and The Other Guys which will be featured on the next dvd. The still gallery and fanclub promo are not really interesting.

4 episodes of Stargate is something against which we will never say “no” and this dvd has a couple of interesting extras which make it even more fun to check out. Only downpoint is the menu which can hardly be called easy-to-use with all the submenus.

Our Score:

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